Founded in Erbil, Ster Group has emerged as one of Iraq’s fastest growing conglomerates. The group’s core expertise includes construction, environmental engineering, consultancy, insurance, security, power, communication, general trading, tourism, information technology and research. Ster Group also actively invests in a wide-range of real estate projects.

A dominant leader in its domestic market, Ster Group possesses an unparalleled level of scope and experience while maintaining a global reach that transcends international borders.

“In matters of style, swim with the current;
in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

The Vision

The Vision statement for Ster Group is meant to provide a clear image of where the organization is heading over the next decade or two. It is meant to capture the spirit of the organization and to inspire its workforce and partners to work towards a vibrant future. The vision reflects the hopes for Ster Group for the future.

Our Vision is to be a world class commercial enterprise capable of meeting regional demands and having the edge to compete favorably in the global marketplace. We are committed to the belief that establishing enterprising partnerships with industry, commerce and the professions, as well as with other institutions, and the desire to be the most appealing and well-managed company in Iraq, is key to the fulfillment of our vision.

The key components of this vision are the attributes "appealing", "well managed" and “partnership”. As part of the Strategic Planning process, input was gathered from a broad base of staff to clarify these concepts within Ster Group's vision statement.

The Mission

The Mission statement for Ster Group is meant to define the purpose of the organization. It defines why the organization exists, who it serves, and how it will go about providing service. It also establishes some priority areas for service delivery.

Our Mission is to be a leading force dedicated to building a future and productive economy in Iraq and the Middle East. We will realize this mission through innovation and creation of industry specialist enterprises operating across diverse sectors as centers of excellence built upon modern business principles. We also aim for the deployment of science and technology in the design, development and delivery of high quality globally marketable products and services.