Avian Water aims to strengthen its market leadership by constantly enhancing the excellence of its products through a process of continuous reinvestment and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies.

The popularity of Avian Water in the Kurdistan region is largely due to its commitment to delivering superior quality products. Avian Water's strict adherence to international quality standards has not been unnoticed. We are working hard to obtain several ISO-certifications such as the ISO 9001:2000 for developing and maintaining a high standard Quality Management System. Coca Cola, which is the partner of Ster Group is the official distributor of our water.

Natural Water

Avian Water is unadulterated, untampered and completely natural water. It has been tested and endorsed by all key regulatory and industry authorities. Avian Water is committed to environmental conservation. Its stand on this critical issue is reflected in its eco-friendly PET packaging. PET or Poly Ethylene Terephtalate, is a material that has been used for years to bottle soft drinks and other foods and medical products.

The Origin

The origin of Avian Water lies in Bekhal, a mountainous region in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq. As the water passes through the mountain aquifers, it exchanges minerals with the aquifer rock and collects its unique assembly of salts, ions and minerals.

Technical Contact

Kovan F. Akrayi
Mechanical engineer
+964 750 449 8381