Kani Water, the leading producer of pure natural mineral water in Iraqi Kurdistan, was established in 2006. As a unique brand that has been holding the market leadership ever since the beginning, Kani Water has today become a generic name for mineral and bottled water in Iraqi Kurdistan. It has acquired this status symbol by providing world-class products known for their pure natural freshness.

Kani Water aims to strengthen its market leadership by constantly enhancing the excellence of its products through a process of continuous reinvestment and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies. The popularity of Kani Water in the Kurdistan region is largely due to its commitment to delivering superior quality products. Kani Water's strict adherence to international quality standards has not been unnoticed. We are working hard to obtain several ISO-certifications such as the ISO 9001:2000 for developing and maintaining a high standard Quality Management System. Coca Cola, which is has a partnership with Ster Group, is the official distributor of our water.

Completely Natural

The origin of Kani Water lies in Bekhal, a mountainous region in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq. As the water passes through the mountain aquifers, it exchanges minerals with the aquifer rock and collects its unique assembly of salts, ions and minerals.

The Facility

The natural mineral water is packaged at a modern, technologically advanced, Western European built production facility near the source in Bekhal, using fully automated systems. Our philosophy is make sure that the water you drink has the same taste and characteristics as the water at the source itself. The water is extracted directly from the source deep inside the mountain. Through a completely sealed delivery system, the water is then directed straight to the factory. The water never gets into touch with air, thus reducing the risk of contamination. We believe that subjecting the water to ultra-violet rays and ozone treatment will only kill the special characteristics of the water and will influence the taste. Instead we use one of the best micro-filtration-systems in the world that guarantees that the sanctity of the pure and natural water is not violated at any cost, thus preserving the aesthetic property of the water.

The Future

As a forward-looking company Kani Water has focused its future on innovation and business excellence. The well equipped PET bottling plant, which can produce up to 10,000 bottles per hour, was the first of its kind to be set up in the region, and reflects our desire to keep pace with technological advances.

The Technology

Kani Water operates a state-of-the-art bottling facility located next to the source in Bekhal, a mountainous region in Kurdistan in Iraq. The PET-plant, which can produce up to 10,000 bottles per hour, is equipped with a technically advanced laboratory for analyzing all the quality aspects from raw material to finished product, including all the chemical and microbiological analysis of water etc. The laboratory is controlled by highly qualified and experienced professionals. All production equipment is sourced from leading global leaders, which ensures that Kani Water provides a world-class quality product for its consumers.