Ster Company provides a wide-range of all-inclusive services and support to industrial, commercial and government clients.

Its construction arm offers construction management, general construction, and design-build services for projects that include offices, hotels, data and technology centers, and education and special-purpose facilities. It has completed several private and public sector projects, and is currently working to implement many more.

Industry & Construction

Ster Group spreads its horizon by taking part on the on-going development through its operations from various kinds of medium-sized factories in the Kurdish region of Iraq including a cement and cement-products plant. Ster Group is currently involved in various construction-related projects with a belief that today's well-designed construction projects contributes to the social progress, economic growth and environmental protection of the Kurdistan region.

Ster Group consist of a group of professional and leading companies. Have a look at Our Group Companies to find out more about our services, history and what Stergroup has to offer for your business. When you have any questions you can always contact us for more information.