Ster Design and Development: your consultants for architecture and urban design

Ster Design and Development is working within the fields of architecture, urban planning, research and development for several projects in Kurdistan and Europe. With strong links from The Netherlands, we bring in extensive knowledge and high standards for our clients.

We believe that architecture and building design should always be considered within the context of the environment. In all our work we aim to embrace the specific features and potential of a particular situation, implement them into the project while responding to the requirements of the program. We continue to push the limits of building technology and innovation, refining and experimenting, to come up with the optimal solution for each situation.

From our experience we know that great architecture comes from working in fruitful collaboration with clients, engineers and consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the design process. However, architecture affects our lives and we hold ourselves responsible not only to the client, but also to the society, and cities in which we build. We each time again find the freedom to change the surface of our planet, to fit better to contemporary life styles.