StarKar Insurance Company was the first insurance company founded in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq in the year 2004.

Ster Insurance is licensed to cover the following areas:

  • In the Kurdistan Regional Government, SIC is licensed by the Union Ministry of Trade (Companies Registrar) to cover all types of insurance;
  • In the whole of Iraq, SIC is licensed by the Iraqi Insurance Diwan and the Union Ministry of Finance for Non-Life insurance business.

At The Start

At its first operational year, SIC started by covering Third Party Liability for all foreign vehicles entering the Iraqi Borders through Abraham al-Kahlil and Hajj-Omran. At these border centers thousands of policies were issued and many claims were settled. SIC paid more than $250.000,00 USD in the period between 2004 and now, compensating events of death & bodily injuries in a very smooth manner, always trying to avoid complicated routines.


Recruiting efforts resulted in training and forming of a qualified sales team. A competent and technical team with the knowledge to carry out the underwriting of risks and settlements of claims. Often balancing between the interests of the client and the company, but always according to international standards.

The Future Goals

The Board of Directors recently decided to increase the capital up to the equivalent of One Million USD to help the Company's goals for the near future in expanding our services to the other parts of Iraq outside the KRG. At the beginning of the third quarter of 2007, SIC commenced its transactions of all types of insurance supported by the Common Reinsurance Treaties for Iraqi Insurance market Run by Iraq-Reinsurance Co. and lead by Munich Reinsurance Company which is the world largest Reinsurer today.

StarKar Insurance Co. (s.a.)
Nawzad A. Rafiq General Manager
P: +964 (0) 662 566 522
P: +964 (0) 750 461 7977