Overview… TarinNet Company established in 2005 since then it has become one of the most successful internet company in Kurdistan region. TarinNet started to work on a small scale of business growing gradually over the years and it was the first company to provide wireless internet through VSAT in both dedicated as well as shared systems in Kurdistan region. Later in 2006 TarinNet started expanding its projects. The first phase of project expansion was obtaining the government license for providing internet to eleven cities including Erbil as well as Duhok Governorates and its surroundings. The beginning of 2007, the second phase of the project started, which provided continuous internet service to government sectors, home users, and NGOS through VSAT along with full technical support to all of the sites. Throughout the year, the number of the cities covered increased to twenty-two cities, districts and sub districts including many remote villages where there was no internet access. At the third Phase we started fiber connection and fiber internet service through our wireless devices to all Kurdistan region.


As a successful company, the total capacity of TarinNet grew rapidly and reached more than 16000Mb of internet Capacity in all of Kurdistan region.

TarinNet is proud as well as committed to provide services to more than 1300 government directories, which divided into 25 cities, districts   and   villages   around   Kurdistan region.  As a major provider of internet and communication services, we reached proving more than 800 companies in private and public sectors. We serve more than 80,000 home-users in 55 cities and districts around Kurdistan Region.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the lead internet and communication service provider in Kurdistan Region as well as all of Iraq. Our slogan is quality of service and innovations. This is our next main focus. TarinNet looks forward to become and stay as the Top internet provider in the region.

Our mission is to raise the informational and technological level of our client by our services. TarinNet continuously developing and offering more services for network solutions by applying our professional experience in different fields of internet and Information Technology. Another duty that TarinNet is proud of is the great continuous support that we provide to our valuable clients in public and private sectors.

TarinNet’s mission is to decrease the rate of unemployment among the young generation in our region. We attract, hire and retain the best talent in the fields of technological and informational service; all accomplishments are done through hiring and training the young professionals in our company.

The most important point that we are focusing is to give our clients a peace of mind as well as comfort with our current and future services. Our clients the private sectors have reached more than eight hundred companies and growing. Our clients consider us being the best in the region due to our great service and quality support through our trained professionals in the Kurdistan Region.

We   aim to develop a successful   and powerful business, which will offer sustainable values to our clients, partners, investors, and employees. Emphasizing on the point “customers are number one priority” we will reach   the maximum number of clients using our long duration of service and expertise. Our customers are an essential part of this company. TarinNet will serve its clients with excellent service by responding quickly to their needs as well as building a valuable long-term relationship.

Quality Policy:

As an ISP and intelligent technology solutions company we apply the following principles:

  • Our main priority is to ensure the product and the service compliance with the customer's expectations, which is guaranteed through following the quality system requirements by all our employees.
  • We understand the quality as a fully applied compliance with the

Product requirements, adherence to the agreements and the highest level of customer service.

  •   During the processes implementation we consider all the corresponding legal statements.
  •   We keep improving our quality system in order to comply with continuously changing requirements on a regular basis.
  •  We assure that the equipment’s are in international standard quality.

We accept problem prevention to be more important than fixing any consequences.


General policy:

Our goal is to cut clients costs without affecting the quality of engineered outcome.
In order to ensure the Quality of the products and services, The QA (Quality Assurance) team is involved from the start of every project. Each deliverable is reviewed against the requirements and once the QA team approves the quality, only then the deliverable is released for submission to the client.


 Privacy policy:

All the projects shall be handled with complete confidentiality. This means:

  •   The client is always entitled to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Information handled by all personal is kept and stored in a safe manner.

  •   All information regarding a project must be completely eliminated from the   companies   and   involved   parties’   infrastructure, if requested by the client.
  •   The client is offered access to safe servers, bug-tracking systems, versioning consoles etc. via a VPN.
  •   We assure that all client information is reserved and it will never be violated or given to another party.


Company Departments


Our company consists of the following departments that work hand in hand for the progress and the success of our company:


  • Management & Administration
  • Sales
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing & Media
  • Human Recourses (HR)
  • Reception
  • Projects


  • Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Engineering and Technical staff
  • Maintenance & Follow up
  • Online Support
  • Call center


Network Operation Center (NOC)

Network Operation Center (NOC) is a department which monitors the network and services 24/7. It also takes care of service quality and availability for the clients.  Our Engineered staff at NOC department will make the necessary decisions on how to expand our network coverage and the quality of our internet services. The Support team is there to assist each and every client as needed. Our online support team are solving the client’s problems and cooperating with them assisting the client by emails and phone Calls ... They will direct technician and support staff for those clients who have technical difficulties and can’t be fixed on the fly.

 Engineering and Technical staff

 Our support staff consist of two kind of technicians, The Engineers who have a good knowledge for detecting the network problems and troubles which makes the client connection down or slow, these engineers are responsible for that event to be solved that are coming from NOC staff which are probably client down issues, our staff in this department will keep client connections alive through giving them good knowledge about how to use the services helping them to do the basic configuration on their personal Devices.


Our Maintenance team working side by side with our engineering team for setting up the client connection. The maintenance team’s missions are for the client’s whom experiencing technical difficulties that have been reported by the NOC, as well as setting up and maintaining company towers.

The main reason for having engineers and support staff is to provide the best technical support as possible.

The onsite team provides support to the customer during the acceptance testing process. If there is any re‐work required, the Mobile team decides whether it can be carried out onsite or it has to be sent back to the offsite development team. The regular change management process is followed.


  1.  Internet
  2. VOIP
  3. VSAT Internet Service
  4. Intranet
  5. VPN
  6. Wi-Fi & WiMAX Networks
  7. Network Design and Implementation
  8. Server Hosting
  9. Fiber Optic Networks
  10. Surveillance Systems
  11. Fiber to the Home(FTTH)


Projects & Successes

 Since its establishment, TarinNet Company has taken the lead in providing wireless internet services and many other communication services to all three presidency of government of KRG, KRP and Kurdistan regional parliament.  For more than 7 years, TarinNet has signed an official contract with the government so that it takes the advantage of providing wireless internet and many other communication services to government facilities.

TarinNet has performed many great projects, below we will mention some of them.


Project Categories

  1. KRG projects

  2. Private sector Projects

  3. University Projects Salahaddin University Hawler Medical University

  4. Koya University, Soran University, Zakho University, college of arts and college of education

  5. Hotels and Restaurant Projects

  6. Bank Projects

  7. Supermarket Projects

  8. Wi-Fi coverage

  9. Project for the ministry of education

  10. Home Users


KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) projects:

 Due to the successes that TarinNet had over the years by working with KRG government and the professional work, we provided all internet Services   for   KRG   government, providing high speed internet and communication services without interruption, providing 24/7 technical support in all aspects related to IT, all that made TarinNet company gain the   trust   of   Kurdistan   Regional   government, and we got a chance to   renew   the contract with KRG and continue giving more and more services up to day. Below there are some points about what TarinNet company’s performances for KRG.


  • Providing internet and communication services for more than 1300 Governmental facilities from 2005 until now including the ministries and governmental directories in Erbil, Duhok, Sulaimania and Kerkuk cities, governorates and villages. Today more than 40,000 government employees are taking the advantage of using internet service and communication services.
  •       TarinNet Company designed a private access to the Ministry of plan’s server for their sub- directories in different cities using VPN connection.
  •       Installing Surveillance Systems for government directories.
  •       Local network design for more than 600 Directories.
  •       Providing many training courses for the employees of KRG cabinet which had a great role in raising the level of IT and its usage between the employees.


Private sector Projects:

TarinNet provides internet service to many different categories of clients through Wi-Fi, WiMAX, V-sat and Fiber networks.


  •       TarinNet has signed contracts with more than 800 companies which work in different fields of production, soft drinks, communication, ISP’s, retail, construction, insurance, Turkish consults, Sweden consults, Dana Gas , Vakif Bank , IBL Bank , Ster Tower ,UAE Consulate , etc. It provides them internet through fiber or VSAT according to their demands and many communication services. In addition to that, it provides 24/7 technical support and IT support along with maintenance.
  •       TarinNet has designed and performed intranet connection for more than 300 companies.
  •       24/7 support with maintenance.
  •      Installing Surveillance Systems or IP camera for more than 100 companies in its local or public types. Installing web server for more than 20 companies.
  •      Providing internet to many big internet providing service (ISP) companies, Dedicated bandwidth for them, giving them 24/7 support, also giving them the advantage of using our network in performing most of their work.

University Projects in Kurdistan region

While working, TarinNet has gained the trust of KRG government because of its reliability and professionally in doing the projects, KRG always puts TarinNet in its priority list while thinking of performing projects.   And   we   as   TarinNet   Company, profit wasn’t always our top priority, our top priority is always raising the Informational and   the Technological level between our government and people and performing our work in the best way possible. Below in brief and in few points we will mention some of our projects that had been performed for universities in Kurdistan Region.


Salahaddin University

  •       TarinNet provides wireless internet connection service in the entire building, offices, and cafeteria, etc.
  •       Connecting Salahaddin University with some other universities through intranet plus all of its servers like (File Server, Web Server, Text Chatting server file sharing etc.).

Hawler Medical University

  •       TarinNet has designed and performed intranet services in which through it connected all the medical universities with each other, plus VOIP, data transmission and all of its servers like (File Server, Web Server, file sharing etc.).
  •        Providing wireless internet connection in all the sections of the university

Koya University

  •       Local network Design
  •       Providing Wireless internet service in the entire building for students, staff and teachers.
  •       Providing 24/7 technical and IT support.

Soran University

  •       Intranet service
  •       Network design
  •       Providing wireless internet service along with 24/7 support

Zakho University

  •       Providing wireless internet connection
  •       Providing wireless internet service along with 24/7 support


College of Arts

  •       Providing wireless internet service in the entire building in all sections of The University Administration as well as students.


College of Education

  •       Installed Internet for the College of Education / Salahaddin University and connecting all the departments to the server room through wireless links (5.8GHz).
  •       installed Wireless Local Area Network (2.4GHz) for clients and User manager for user (lecturers and Students)
  •       Wireless covered all the departments of the college.


Supermarket Project

TarinNet connected all the branches of supermarkets around Hawler with each other through a very secure intranet connection.


Wi-Fi Coverage

TarinNet Company covers all Kurdistan Region with Fiber connection and Wi-Fi coverage for all users in both hotspot and PPPOE connection in both shared and bandwidth systems in Erbil, Kirkuk, Duhok and Sulaimania.


Project of the Ministry of Education

  •       Beside providing internet connection for directories in KRG, the ministry of education requested from us establishing a network which connects them with each other for their daily communication and a connection between the directory of general education and all other education directories with the ministry of education through fiber or wireless PTP and PTMP.
  •       Intranet connection for more than 16 directories in different locations in Hawler, Duhok and the surrounding cities.


Home Users

  •       With the existence of companies and government directories, TarinNet Company didn’t neglect home users and paid a great deal of interest on them, providing them with internet along with all the communication services.
  •       Providing internet service for home users in more than 55 cities around Kurdistan Region using prepaid card system with unlimited downloads.
  •       Establishing TarinNet offices in all the cities where we have coverage, for support and maintenance purposes.


 Hotel and Restaurant Projects

       TarinNet Company provided the internet and designed local network for more than 50 hotels and more than 35 restaurants in different cities in which most of them are located in Erbil and Duhok.



Erbil Main Office Address:


Address: Kurdistan – Erbil – Gulan Street – Ster Tower 3rd floor





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Support and Maintenance

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