Codium is a young company. But its founders bring in extensive experience from many fields. They have a broad knowledge and experience in electronics, software, hardware, mechatronics, project management, organizational development, training, service and maintenance.

Codium has an established network of contacts and suppliers in our various fields. It's strength is their ability to deliver complete solutions catered to the clients needs. Their unique expertise in many areas, combined with our wide network and a flexible organization allows us to be agile.


Project Management

Our consultants have experience of various software development projects. We have worked with agile methodology such as Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming. Codium has extensive experience of projects for business development and work with quality and environmental systems such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14 000 and CE-regulations both in Sweden and abroad. We can help you develop your company's human resource management.

Supervision and Support

Codium supervise users of our products and services when needed. We use modern communication tools to convey knowledge through short courses, seminars and lectures based on the technologies we master and use in our internal workflow.


We have successfully developed ATMs for deployment in public spaces and outdoor environment. We do cad-design of smaller products and prototype production. Codium has deep a knowledge and experience in mechanical design and assembly. For mechanical manufacturing, we use our network of trusted suppliers. We manufacture much of our own electronics and assemble and test the products in our workshop but can carry out installation work at customer sites. We are a supplier of "mechatronic" products, from idea to integrated product into the customer's business.

Software Development

Our core competencies are C++ and Java and Python but we are also good at development in other environments. We are skilled in the development of TCP/IP and Ethernet and like working with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile methods. We have experience in telecom, banking/finance and game development.

Organizational Development

In addition to expertise in modern technology and project management, we use our experience in development of organizations, teams and individuals. As we develop useful technologies we integrate it into our workflow to optimize and refine our organization. We can teach you how to achieve this as well.

Codium AB
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Hans Insulander
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