As the world’s second largest container carrier, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) offers fast, reliable and economical services. It serves its clients with leading global transportation capabilities through 200 rotations in six continents with 315 terminals to which it provides access. With its ongoing investments and everexpanding service network, MSC is always seeking to improve.


Founded in 1970 in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC began as a conventional ship operator and continues its journey as one of the leading maritime transportation companies in the world today. MSC has significantly expanded its fleet in terms of its container ships and container slot capacity, which further strengthens its position with each passing day. MSC achieved tremendous success in such a short period of time by effectively and organically strengthening its internal structure; a distinction from companies who achieve similar success through mergers or acquisitions.


MSC offers its customers a unique service network with 480 offices and 24,000 employees around the world. As a fully independent and private enterprise firm, MSC is capable of responding quickly to market changes with its 200 rotations and different port of call options offered globally.


Mediterranean Shipping Company is one of the biggest port operators. With its 27 strategic terminal partners around the world, MSC has become a leading global transportation solution. MSC's vision incorporates a rationalist approach to management and a customer-oriented approach to service delivery. Most important, MSC provides fast and reliable operations to its customers and offers the most competitive price opportunities.

MSC ERBIL - Mediterranean Shipping Company
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