VANGUARD will provide the client with experienced, professional security operations to further their production needs in a safe and secure environment. Our approach will not only mitigate risk to the client and the client company assets, but will sustain productions without hindrance.

Extensive Experience

VANGUARD personnel’s familiarity and understanding of oil and gas production operations from seismic to drilling allows them to operate as part of the client’s team to ensure timely and efficient production.  VANGUARD has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry within the Kurdistan Region and can provide references to confirm its success.

The Team

Simply stated, there is no company, or team of companies in the world today able to provide the level of knowledge, experience, and professional personnel that the VANGUARD team offers.  The VANGUARD team combines the experience, continuity, planning and cost efficiencies that make them the clear choice for security work in Iraqi Kurdistan.


VANGUARD has earned the reputation as a leader in responding quickly and effectively to com­plex, dynamic and demanding Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) contracts. In its history of supporting the KRG, VANGUARD has continually and consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully perform under extremely demanding deadlines, ever changing environments and the pressures of high profile activities. VANGUARD’s success is due, in large part, to the establishment of and commitment to the highest standards of management, oversight, resource recruiting, security processing and fiscal practices essential to smooth performance of sensitive and complex contracts. Our focus has been and will remain on meeting our client's and employee's needs and expectations.

Providing Physical Security

VANGUARD will provide the physical security based on a combination of American management and trained Kurdish special operators from the KRG security forces.  VANGUARD is comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals who have decades of operational experience and a clear understanding of the complexity of international security operations.

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