Ster Tower is an ultra modern commercial tower offering all the services you need as a professional. High standards are the norm and only the best materials are used. Ster Tower will provide you with the most modern offices with the latest technologies: high speed fibre optic network, 24/7 electricity, security just to name a few. Our slogan: all you need in one place!


Ster Tower has a highly qualified and experienced security team. The main goal of the security team is to provide security to the Ster Tower and its surroundings. Any suspicious person, car or other transportation will be searched by the guards. The two main entrances of the building are guarded by the security team and the CCTV system of Ster Tower. The CCTV system covers all the area's inside and outside the Tower. These cameras record all movements in the building, which could be a potential threat for the security. Nevertheless, privacy and secrecy of Ster Towers’ residents are highly respected.

Moreover, we have a sophisticated access card system in place for all the floors. Unauthorized personnel cannot enter the premises without a valid access card. Even if someone manages to reach the elevators, they will not be able to use the elevators. Elevators are only accessible with a valid access card, which in trun is programmed to the tenants floor only. Moreover, these access cards are programmed for the tenant's floor only. This reduces time and threath level.

The tower itself has been designed with advice of US security specialists. Access roads, parking places and many more confidential points have been implemented during the construction of the Tower.

Internet and Electricity

The Ster Tower has high speed internet and 24/7 electricity. Since TarinNet is part of the Ster Group and has its head office in the tower, we are proud to have the latest in terms of internet services.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Ster Tower has a special staff for all maintenance services (mechanical, AC, electrical and others). Cleaners work around the clock to keep the premises clean. Any problem will be solved by the Ster Tower Management.


Please contact us for lease opportunities. Several options are available.

Ster Tower